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The Table Sessions is a collaborative workshop where like-minded designers and thinkers can disassemble, examine and reconstruct the things and ideas that ignite our interest.

Episode 13: Inequity Shaping Baltimore


[April Episode - I

n Production]

This is an ongoing study centered around inequity in Baltimore, focusing on housing in a complex urban social structure. Through round-table discussions, on-the-ground experiences and interviews our team is gaining perspective on just that: perspective. Every forum or modality of research uncovers it’s own unique insight.

This winter we gathered a group of friends & colleagues in Hampden to for a round-table discussion - many of which are urbanists & designers, but also many who were not.

What does it really mean if a city designates a new arts district? How does public housing design hinder a community’s right to defensible space? How can policy makers responsibly shape communities, while maintaining local businesses?