Pull up a seat


The Table Sessions was inspired by the many late-night talks in the design studio, that communal space where we come together to untangle our lingering questions and ideas. So grab your sketchbook and pull up a seat.


Ken Filler

As an architectural designer in Washington DC, a designer educator and multimedia content maker, visual communication is the underlying current in Ken’s daily life. He believes good design in any form - physical, spatial, digital or anywhere in between - can be an active agent of positive social influence and contribute to the intimacies of the human experience.

Visit kenfiller.com to learn more.

Austin bw.jpg

Austin Raimond

Austin is a Architectural Designer and Adjunct Lecturer living and working in Washington DC. In both his professional and academic pursuits he is very interested in the concept of Narrative (Spoken, Scripted, Graphically Represented) and the role it plays within the field of design.

Visit austinraimond.com to learn more.

Eve bw.jpg

Evelyn Rupert

Evelyn is a writer, editor and video producer based on D.C. After studying and working in journalism, she now produces content for an international development organization, focused primarily on Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Marques King

Growing up in Detroit, Marques was motivated to pursue a career in architecture and construction. Marques works towards creating sustainable, equitable and beautiful neighborhoods that embrace both the character of the past, and needs of the future.

Learn more about his venture Fabric[K], which strives to make good design accessible to everyday, hardworking people.

Bryan Samuel bw.jpg

Bryan Samuel

Bryan is an architectural designer living and working in DC. His prior explorations include research at an urban planning think tank and penning policy guidelines at a solar energy lobbying organization. His wide ranging background extends further than his professional development, having lived in four different continents. At present, he is more than happy to call Washington DC home.

Sean Konig bw.jpg

Sean Konig

Sean is a scatterbrained creator from Baltimore. He set his professional sights on architecture at a young age, but still actively pursues unrelated creative endeavors, from a science fiction book, to a repertoire of accents and voices, to movies (Smoking Snowman Studios). He works for an architecture/engineering firm in the Baltimore area. His goal in life is to "make the world a weirder place." He's on his way.

Matt Bender - bw.jpg

Matt Bender

Matthew is an architecture designer, philosophical thinker, and writer living in the District of Columbia. His pursuits include exploring the connection of an ever changing built environment and the human condition. As a guest lecturer, Matthew has taught the connection between walking, experience, and perspective, coming to understand that it is our stories which set the stage for what we create.

Scott Deisher bw.png

Scott Deisher

Scott Deisher is an architectural designer and adjunct professor with research and practice interests in computation, digital workflows, writing, and publishing. He co-founded Knot, a student-run publication at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning. Read more about his research and design work at www.deisherstudio.com.