Ken and Austin are joined by Marques King in a conversation inspired by our team’s research on the statuary landscape in DC. Urban design, social context, media and what it means to be a human in 2018 all jumbled into one.

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Candid chatter and immersive soundscapes. They fit together, right?

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One apartment scene can represent a decades long story in four minutes. This micro analysis of our favorite Brazilian drug den and its kit of parts speaks to the macro context of the film

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Every decision we make has unintended consequences - even how we choose to get get to work everyday. We revisit a year old debate on walking vs. biking in Washington DC.


Evelyn Rupert joins the conversation as we mull over Guillermo del Toro’s artfully crafted dark fantasy film in the historical context of the Spanish Civil War.


We discuss how to form a samurai super-team, historical context in Japanese warfare and dig into defensive strategies through section drawings