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The Table Sessions is a collaborative workshop where like-minded designers and thinkers can disassemble, examine and reconstruct the things and ideas that ignite our interest.

Episode 13: Inequity Shaping Baltimore

Even in a city with strong communities, crime and vacancy permeate the urban landscape, creating inequity in areas such as public housing. This is the physical manifestation of structural racism that has always been present in Baltimore. We gathered a diverse group of designers, policy makers and Baltimoreans to strive for a deeper understanding of these root causes.

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Episode 11: 2001 Character Map

Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke teamed up to produce the beloved screenplay for 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968, which explores the past, present and future of humanity. We explore the sequential art of storytelling as it varies in those two arenas: film and literature. Humanity, it seems, is the main character after all.

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Episode 10: System Intervention

Donella Meadows’ leverage points for system intervention is a road-map for how to most efficiently solve a problem based on the variables at hand. In this discussion, we put on our designer hats and contemplate how this type of systems thinking can be simplified to three simple methodologies: changing the variables, changing the game & changing the rules.

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Episode 2: Seven Samurai

In Seven Samurai, the classic film by Kurosawa, our team took a particular interest in the defensible strategy of the small Japanese village in the context of defending one’s home. A feeling of “home” is precisely innate to the human endeavor, especially when that feeling in danger of being revoked by a looming, evil presence.

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