The Table Sessions
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The Table Sessions
is a digital publication that examines patterns in design & popular culture


The Table Sessions is a digital publication that examines patterns in design & popular culture.

While the field of professional Architecture is strongly associated with the design & construction of buildings, many contemporary designers are exploring an emergent focus of systems, data and visualization driven design. This focus extends beyond built form and into the dynamic patterns found in one’s personal and collective experience.

Here at the Table Sessions our goal is to expand the collective awareness of pattern based experiences & design through audio, visual and written content. While our hosts have backgrounds within the field of architecture our topics explore all fields of design, which seek to simultaneously entertain and spark new ideas for future academic research.

The Table Sessions was founded in January 2018


Why the Table Sessions?

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Our name finds its origins in the communal nature of design education and professional practice. Design is a collaborative endeavor, where the strongest results come from collaborative discourse of many minds at one table. Our episodes are a product of these sessions.


Content Contributors

Ken Filler

Austin Raimond

Evelyn Rupert

Marques King

Bryan Samuel

Sean Konig

Matt Bender

Scott Deisher


Gabriel Maslen

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Dan Filler


Our Process

Do you ever have an idea that just stays with you? The kind of thought, observation or concept that just feels like it needs your attention in a unique way? Usually, that is the origin of the concepts we explore on our episodes. As urban dwellers in the design field, many of us take notice of the systems & cultural manifestations of the environments that surround us everyday. Once something sticks, we get together over a few beers and talk about the possibilities of exploring an idea further, while projecting the possible tangents of the exploration.

Once a direction is established, we task each member at The Table to go out and research their tangent for a few weeks, and come back with an “artifact” as we call them = a visual representation of their idea. This could be a diagram, a written piece, a sketchbook drawing or audio recording. We gather the thoughts that arise from discussing these artifacts, and move into a more curated final product and record the conversation.

Our process is casual but also thorough - approaching a concept from both sides allows for a more holistic vision, especially when it comes from many contributors at once.


Our goal is to continue to improve your experience while interacting with The Table Sessions platform. For general inquiries or feedback please email: Or write to us using the fields below. Got a story idea? We’d love to hear it!

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