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Episode 14: Laugh Track

The laugh track is a simulation of genuine enjoyment. Now, we’d rather just enjoy TV how we want to, on our own terms - and now the content creators recognize this. So, what caused this major shift in the way our television is marketed to us? The rise of the internet, the evolution of the American family model and shifting societal taboos all come into play. Maybe, the loss of the laugh track is a symbol for innocence lost - mostly for the good - making us all Larry David.

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Episode 13: Inequity Shaping Baltimore

Even in a city with strong communities, crime and vacancy permeate the urban landscape, creating inequity in areas such as public housing. This is the physical manifestation of structural racism that has always been present in Baltimore. We gathered a diverse group of designers, policy makers and Baltimoreans to strive for a deeper understanding of these root causes.

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